Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another "What-Is-It" Item

I bought these presser feet on eBay years ago.  I believe they were listed as Viking quilting feet.  Since Kathie is a quilter and the price was right, I picked them up in case I later ran across a Viking that they would fit.  I never did and now it's time to bid them farewell but I really don't know what they are.  I have Googled images for "embroidery foot" and "quilting foot" with no positive results.  Can anyone help?



Lisa Boyer said...

I hope this link works. It's a picture of a jumble of vintage Viking/Husq feet and there is a similar (but not identical) foot there, front and left:*WQbojvc40TzAA5VXq%7CYIaA6ZBHim9kXnZPg/cU%7CYpN9YAePMbsEgKdvni9lvxQgRRu7C3QzozceDqozWmH0uqSuDVrClZVAy63II7Ap3pCzGSOs1iWNYtti0or%7CXP8HKAaAE1NhqD8SjTUHYWcdRwTka*CsqI7qGrasgWhZx5VOlj9VMM4506YMHDxJrKfAo6*QP5*z*OfgIdHTmwAUBP0D79bsVE7eYNPVUTZiglTCiLajdbH*NneSrVQ/

Lisa Boyer said...

It's a vintage Viking/Husq darning foot! Found another at Statewide Sewing. Here's the link:

ceblakeney said...

I have a few older Viking Husqvarna machines but no feet that look like that. Trying to figure out how they would even attach! I wonder if they required an adapter to attach to the presser bar?